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Developing a CASA program is a significant undertaking that requires the cooperation and commitment of many people. It also requires a great deal of research, planning, organizing, and plain hard work. The National CASA Association and its 42 staff members are there to help, providing a wealth of experience, resources, guidance, and materials. 

In its 35 years of operation, National CASA has assisted over 950 local or state CASA organizations in establishing and maintaining quality programs that provide outstanding advocacy for abused and neglected children. This model of volunteer citizen involvement has proven so effective that others who realize the value of the concept and wish to create a CASA program in their community need not recreate the wheel. 

Once a commitment has been made to establishing a program, National CASA will upon request provide a unique program number to the organizing group. Thereupon, access can be made to most, if not all of the following services:

  • Training and technical assistance
  • An annual conference for volunteers, staff, and board members
  • A state-of- the- art website with unlimited networking, informational, training, and resource potential
  • A proven curriculum for volunteer training and a facilitator’s guide to training volunteers
  • Grants for new and established CASA programs
  • Informational kits, promotional items, and public service announcements

This list is not exhaustive, but be assured that most any resource or service you need is available through National CASA. Additionally, any questions or problems you encounter in developing your program have probably been faced before, so between your state’s CASA organization or National CASA staff, you will have all the assistance you need if you are willing to do the work.

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